Treatment Couches

Enraf-Nonius' Leading examination- and treatment couches at close range


Enraf-Nonius electrotherapy: Dutch quality, innovation and design

Rehabilitation and Medical Fitness

Enraf-Nonius equipment for Rehabilitation and Medical Fitness


Enraf-Nonius global sales and support. Find you local representative here!

Enraf-Nonius Projects (ENP)

The specialist in turn-key medical solutions, not only realizes hospital- and rehabilitation projects but also offers procurement and project management.


Enraf-Nonius, from its passion for being physically active, offers an extensive package of products that can be used to accurately evaluate and treat disorders of the human locomotor apparatus. Continuous development of the quality products and constantly being abreast of the wants and needs of the patients and therapists are the fundamentals of our products, which enable people to exercise responsibly and in a goal-oriented manner. Thanks to the ingenious EN-Train/EN-Track software, it is easy to supervise every aspect of a high-quality rehabilitation process.

Exercise is the most effective treatment of cardio-vascular, degenerative, post-traumatic and metabolic disorders. The equipment that we provide in the EN-Dynamic series, the unique EN-Motion treadmill, the Bike Reha training bicycle or the EN-Tree Pulleys, whether or not EN-Train/EN-track-controlled, are an ideal training option. Exercise accommodation of today equipped with the medically sound equipment of Enraf-Nonius of the future for professionals.
Detailed information on each product, such as options, technical specifications and accessories, is available as a separate brochure in digital form:

Enraf-Nonius EN-Train
High quality training the easy way!
open_75x100_over leaflet_75x100_over leaflet_75x100_over
Enraf-Nonius Bike Reha
The training and rehabilation bike
open_75x100_over leaflet_75x100_over leaflet_75x100_over
Enraf-Nonius EN-Motion
The ultimate PHYSIO treadmill
open_75x100_over leaflet_75x100_over leaflet_75x100_over
Enraf-Nonius Crosswalker
Total workout ergometer
open_75x100_over leaflet_75x100_over leaflet_75x100_over
Enraf-Nonius EN-Tree Pulley
A complete series of multi-functional pulley systems
open_75x100_over leaflet_75x100_over leaflet_75x100_over
Enraf-Nonius EN-Track
Software concept for the supervision of a high-quality rehabilitation process
open_75x100_over leaflet_75x100_over
Enraf-Nonius EN-Dynamic
Multi-functional, compact training devices
open_75x100_over leaflet_75x100_over leaflet_75x100_over
Enraf-Nonius Small Exercise Material
Products for daily use within the complete, professional practice
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We are Enraf-Nonius
the technology
in healthcare company

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