Enraf-Academy Introduction Note

  • Users of Enraf-Nonius treatment devices must be trained in how to use the system properly and have the appropriate skills.
  • Any treatment instructions regarding treatment location, duration and strength require medical knowledge and should only be given by authorised doctors, therapists and health professionals. It is imperative that these instructions are followed.
  • Before using Enraf-Nonius equipment, read, understand and practice the instructions for use. Know the limitations and hazards associated with using the device. Also observe the precautionary and operational decals placed on the unit.

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Tecartherapy is DEEP HEAT THERAPY. The Tecarpuls generates this deep heat by means of electromagnetic energy.  Deep heat stimulates the healing process and shortens the rehabilitation time. The Tecarpuls has documented effects on deeper structures(1)(2)(3).

Applying heat with the Tecarpuls is very easy.  With the treatment head on one side and an earth electrode on the other side, the tissue in between these electrodes becomes a capacitor.  The patient’s body is an electrical conductor, full of salty fluids. Like any conductor, the body has a capacitance, meaning that it stores electrical energy. And since the treatment head of the Tecarpuls has a non-conductive ceramic cover, this electrical energy will be stored deep in the tissue, not just superficially near the treatment head. Tecarpuls therapy is therefor also known as DEEP HEAT THERAPY.

The amount of heating depends on the tissue (dielectric) properties, especially the permittivity. Permittivity is the ability of tissue to store electrical energy in an electric field. Especially muscle, cartilage and blood have a high permittivity making them very well suited for Tecarpuls treatment. (4) The Tecarpuls generates the electromagnetic energy at a frequency of 500khz / wavelength of 600 m. This frequency is ideal for deep heating.


About the therapeutical effect

Increase of the temperature of the tissue will contribute to

  • Increased cellular metabolism (healing)
  • Increased circulation
  • Increased elasticity
  • Reduces edema / swelling
  • Reduces pain

This makes the Tecarpuls a great tool for treatment of acute and chronic injuries. It can be used for lameness, stiffness or pain in muscles, tendons, ligaments and for treatment of joint problems.


About the Tecarpuls treatment

A tecar treatment is very nice and gentle. Patients experience the stroking of the treatment head and a comfortable heat sensation. The experienced warmth is the result of the conduction of warmth from the deeper tissues to the superficial skin layer. Our heat receptors are located superficially.
For the clinician the treatment is easy to conduct. Preprogrammed protocols provide you with optimal settings for treatment. Additionally, with a power control button on the treatment head, the therapist is always in control.

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Enraf-Nonius Tecarpuls
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General information on contraindications

  • Only for use on adults
  • Remove patient's hearing aid(s) before treatment.
  • Tecarpuls should not be used for:
  • Treatment of intracranial disorders of a physical or mental nature.
  • Treatment at the very top of the neck-skull transition (cervical-occipital transition)


  • Patients with pacemaker,
  • Patients with bleeding gastrointestinal ulcers
  • Patients with an infusion pump and implants with electric lead
  • First 6 months of pregnancy. Treatment last trimester - do not treat over the stomach and lower back (directly over the fetus)
  • Treatment over localized cancer area/tumor
  • Treatment over local tuberculosis cavity
  • Allergic reaction to cream / probe
  • Treatment of deep vein thrombosis
  • Treatment over the heart in patients with ischemic heart disease, local pulmonary embolism
  • Phlebitis
  • Bleeding areas where the skin has partial or open wounds


  • Patients with impaired skin / neuropathy sensitivity. Avoid treatment in patients with reduced skin sensibility in the area to be treated, unless the treatment is specifically recommended by the patient's physician. If the treatment is to be used, test on the corresponding fresh body part. This is to avoid tissue overheating.
  • Patients with a bacteriological inflammation (can treat around the area)
  • Diabetes mellitus: Patients with diabetes can often have neuropathy (see above)
  • Other conditions with reduced skin sensation:
  • Patients coming in from the cold
  • Post-operative patients


Instructions for Use Please consult the Instructions for Use for more information on indications and contra-indications and for warnings and recommendations.

These indications and contra-indications originated from the Tecarpuls Instructions for Use 1730752-41